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Our NICU is fully equipped and staffed to provide 24x7 care to critically ill neonates. Our neonatal nurses have been trained extensively to provide one-to-one patient care. Being the best NICU hospital in Boring Road, Patna

  • NICU Backup with Ventilator Support
  • Vaccination Clinic
  • Paediatric Clinic
  • Qualified Doctors & Support Staff

Why Choose Us?

Jyoti Punj Hospital Is The Best Place For You And Your Baby

Painless Delivery

Painless delivery gives women a chance at experiencing natural childbirth, with very little intervention.

Comprehensive Antenatal care

We provide in-depth counseling and care for a healthy baby.

24x7 Doctors

We have the availability of doctors round the clock to provide the best emergency care needed either to out-patients or in-patients.

In-House NICU

As the baby is born, he/she needs crucial care and guidance by an expert neonatologist and might require a Neonatal Intensive

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides care for newborn babies that are either sick and/ or born earlier than their due date (before 37 weeks) and require medical/surgical support. The word “neonatal” means newborn or less than 28 days of age. Doctors looking after neonates are called Neonatologists.

Most of the babies are born without any problems. Occasionally some babies need additional medical assistance. Such babies are admitted to NICU to provide them the support that they need. Some of the many reasons include, being born prematurely, low birth weight, low blood sugar, early onset infection, jaundice, difficulties with breathing etc. Occasionally, babies could also be born with conditions which might be caused due to genetic or inherited conditions. The growth of such babies may be different/affected in the womb causing congenital anomalies (Heart defects, brain/spinal cord, lung defects etc). Such babies are also admitted to NICU for a thorough investigation and management of their condition.

Babies are very vulnerable to infection. Hence only parents are allowed inside NICU. Visit from other relatives is restricted to minimize the risk of spreading infection.

Baby is kept in the NICU depending on the severity of the illness. On an average the baby is kept in NICU for 13.2 days. However babies born earlier than 32 weeks into pregnancy are kept for an average of 46.2 days.

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