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At Jyoti Punj Hospital, we believe in providing world-class comprehensive maternity care services to make your pregnancy journey pleasant, and memorable right from conception to delivery. Our aim is to offer a comfortable and stress-free birthing experience to the mother-to-be which makes us stand out as the leading maternity hospital in Boring Road, Patna.

  • Ante-Natal Care
  • Painless Delivery
  • High Risk Pregnancy Care
  • Research

Why Choose Us?

Jyoti Punj Hospital Is The Best Place For You And Your Baby

Painless Delivery

Painless delivery gives women a chance at experiencing natural childbirth, with very little intervention.

Comprehensive Antenatal care

We provide in-depth counseling and care for a healthy baby.

24x7 Doctors

We have the availability of doctors round the clock to provide the best emergency care needed either to out-patients or in-patients.

In-House NICU

As the baby is born, he/she needs crucial care and guidance by an expert neonatologist and might require a Neonatal Intensive

Antenatal care is the routine health checkup for pregnant women in order to diagnose complications during pregnancy and educate women for a healthy pregnancy.

Antenatal care is beneficial for to-be-moms as well as the baby. It helps to diagnose the factors that might adversely affect pregnant women or pregnancy outcomes.

Antenatal Care is a healthcare service that is beyond maternity care. It includes diagnosis and management of any pregnancy-related complications and classes that will help you and your partner experience a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Maternity Care is important as it reduces the complications and prevents the problems during childbirth. And also regular medical checkup during pregnancy provides you with the information of changes that could put pregnancy at risk.

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